Sunday, 23 June 2013


I'm going to a poetry night tonight!  Going to 'The Mythsummer Sundae' at Live Theatre (Newcastle Quayside) organised by Trashed Organ.  So today's poem is based on the theme of speaking.  I wrote this after watching this video:  It is Imtiaz Dharker reading her poem 'Honour Killing', which is about moving away from a culture.  My poem was inspired by hers, and is linked to an idea of the spoken word and what it represents, how it can be changed and how it can be manipulated.


Crumbled shell around swollen balloons,
a bone cocoon encases like a tomb.
Shell protects but ribs break,
collapsed lung, no longer speaking
in its mother tongue, breathy whispers,
exhale, Mother Nature’s blowy gales.
An open mouth, a nada, nothing,
bloody slug drags itself across
the lower lip, curving downwards
like a backwards wave releasing drips
in its concave, sound encumbered –
slow rumbling muffled thunder.

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