Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Glastonbury - Why I'm Worthy

I saw an ad on Facebook to feature on a short film for The Guardian's series on what makes Glastonbury festival special.  It was for a first time festival goer (me!) and in order to secure the part I wrote a little rhyme (my email had to be 200 words long - what better use of 200 words than in a poem).  It wasn't quite 200 words, but here it is, and here is the link to the video too. Thanks to Cameron Robertson at The Guardian, who created the film.  His editing is fab and he was very patient with nervous little me! Hope you enjoy. 

Why I’m ‘Worthy’

It’s the end of my exams
The end of my degree
A massive celebration
At the massive Glastonbury!

A first timer coming
To sample all the fun
With anecdotes of former years
From every-bloody-one!

Coming from Newcastle
Miles and miles away
Once the week is over
I’m sure I’ll want to stay.

I can’t wait to dance my shoes off
And sing to every song
Make friends for one day only
And party all night long!

There’s 80 of us coming
Fancy dress everywhere
When you see us together
You’ll want to stop and stare.

The Rolling Stones are up there
The number one to see
I’ll be on my friends’ shoulders
As I’m only 5foot 3!

I would love to feature
On the glasto video
To tell you of our plans
To see Chic and dress disco!

© Caitriona Hansen

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