Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I got published!

A great start to the new year (despite being unable to shake off the festive viruses I have picked up!)

My (favourite) poem has been published on Ellen Phethean's Diamong Twig Press website as January's 'poem of the month'. 

Thanks Ellen and thanks Jean for creating my page.

You can find it here, and the poem is 'Fiction':



I read from trees as the day time ends,
the moon, marble against velvet, shines down,
my secret torch beneath covers extends
to this forest of writing and sound.
Leaves will murmur, not just in the wind,
from tree trunks full of plots and narratives.
The branches are scrawny, that is my script
my drafts, my redrafts. My mistakes will live
in this jungle of thoughts and imitation,
mice scratch words and around me owls sing,
the woodpecker pecking a special citation
into bark as it stores secrets under its wing.
But the most company that I will make
is with a story, and that story will be fake.

© Caitriona Hansen

Also, if you haven't heard of/read any of Ellen's poetry, I really recommend it.  Her collection Breath is absolutely brilliant! 

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