Monday, 12 August 2013

EAT! Festival

I sent a poem to be considered for a festival in Newcastle and I was selected!  One of thirteen poets, I will be reciting my poem, 'Cake', at Newcastle's EAT! Festival on Bank Holiday Sunday.  I was on holiday in Whitby when my dad alerted me to the competition so I had to write this poem pretty quickly as I only had 24 hours to get something sorted (most of which were spent either eating fish n chips or on the beach playing with the frisbee!!) The poem had to be no more than ten lines long.

Anyway, here it is (and here's the event

Slice it open and what you will find inside
is what a person might hide in the depths of their mind.
Layers of colour: sponge, fruit and jam,
like the players in Shakespeare or Fitzgerald's Madames.
Cake, like stories, is a quest to embark on,
but it disappears with no canon to make a mark on.
An adventure, a playground, different types to taste,
like a woman, devour her, the story yours
to embrace. 

© Caitriona Hansen

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